Diana Lipcanu


Many issues arise on construction sites, and keeping track of all of them can be a hustle. That's why Risto Vahenurm, construction engineer, envisioned a better way to manage them. His idea uses smartphone technology to help manage emerging issues.

Being an insider, Risto takes into consideration the hierarchical structure of construction sites, to create a true fit for his product. With this idea, and an amazing team, CleverKon won the Stockholm Start-up weekend.

Project Type

Hackathon Project

Total Time

6 days

My role

UX Design, Prototyping

They Needed a Designer...

Initially I didn't plan to join the Check out the Stockholm Startup Weekend webpage Stockholm Start-up Weekend , but after the first day, a friend told me they were missing designers. So I joined early on Saturday, and had the opportunity to choose my team.

the team

User Research

Several members of the team had friends in the construction field, so we invited them for interviews. Thus we got to interview a worker, a site manager and a construction manager.


As soon as after we crafted the general concept of the app, I began prototyping. The final result was an InVision prototype, that we used for our pitch.

Play with the InVision Prototype

Winning the Start-up Weekend

The hackathon was approaching its end, so we pitched our idea, won, and moved onto the next challenge: the Global Startup Battle. We didn't win that, but Risto took the concept to the next level, and built a new start-up from it, SiteEyes.

Check out our video for the Global Start-ul Battle

Lessons Learned

Winning the Start-up weekend was an exhilarating experience that made me get a taste for entrepreneurship and hackathons. By immersing myself into this foreign domain of construction, I also discovered the opportunity that lays there: the need for new, well designed technology. Based on that I worked on another university project, one year later, about how to make a better construction plans management system.

Check out the Attention Line, for how I designed a new interactive tool for graphic designers.